Mega Bryte for Hospitality Work

MEGA BRYTE, a premium and highly effective “one-shot” product for shirt laundries has proven to be an exceptional product for laundering towels, sheets and pillow cases as well. By increasing the recommended water temperature from 135 F to 150F, we have found exceptional success with the removal of lipstick stains on sheets and pillow cases, using Pariser formulas in conjunction with the higher water temperatures. This has been the case in several commercial laundries who provide laundry services for some of the most select hotels in NYC. In addition to shirts, bedding, cottons and linens, MEGA BRYTE continues to prove itself as a wide range product while being safe to colors. Please see the detailed product description below.


MEGA BRYTE is an innovative, one-shot, mildly built powdered detergent containing an oxygen bleach, a low temperature bleach catalyst, and a select choice of enzyme that beneficially helps in the removal of body oils, food stains, blood, albumen and other bodily secretions.

MEGA BRYTE was designed to be effective for professional shirt launderers, linen supply, hospital laundry, and nursing home applications. This unique merging of enzyme technology with lower temperature wash chemistry allows for effective balance and broad spectrum targeting over a broad range of soil classifications. In addition the product contains non-phosphate water conditioners for hard water applications.


MEGA BRYTE utilizes a safe-to-color oxygen bleaching component in conjunction with a low temperature bleaching catalyst effective in hot water temperatures of 120-140F.

MEGA BRYTE also contains a non-toxic, non-pathogenic microorganism which produces enzymes capable of hydrolyzing a wide variety of triglyceride soils into free fatty acid, mono and di-glycerides, all of which are more soluble than the fatty substances in the wash liquor. The enhanced dispersing characteristics have accelerated MEGA BRYTE’s reaction time well within the time constraints of existing wash formulas.

MEGA BRYTE is highly effective in hard water conditions without the use of phosphates, and in the broad range of temperatures typically found in on-premise laundries. Souring may or may not be necessary depending on the local rinse water bicarbonate alkalinity levels.


– One-Shot product

– Highly stable in storage conditions.

– Low usage rates, high activity

– Allows for minimal use of alkali.

– Effective in temperatures from 120F to 150F and in both hard and soft water with no phosphates.

– Deodorization

– Readily soluble in all concentrations.

– Safe to dye-fast colors


Application dosage rates will range from 1/2 lb. to 3 lbs. per hundred weight, depending on soil conditions.


MEGA BRYTE is packaged in 45 lb., 100 lb., and 400 lb. drums.