Baseball has forever been America’s pastime, but now those stained uniforms can be a thing of the past! It has long been a struggle for laundries to get out clay stains that get firmly embedded & ground into the fabric of team jerseys.  Pariser Industries has discovered a way to treat these stained items and get them back onto the field.  Pariser’s New England Regional Manager Stephen Staum provides insight into how he was able to punch out these staining issues:


Some time ago, I was questioned about red clay removal from baseball uniforms by the equipment manager at a college athletic department that I serviced.  Apparently, they had struggled with this soil for years.  I had a full standard liquid chemical system installed in this account but the usual combination of alkali, detergent and oxygen bleach would not touch the red clay accumulated on the uniforms.  I decided to try one of our combo powder products and found the answer.

It turns out our Pariser Industries “Prozyme” is the solution.  Prozyme is a mildly built powdered detergent containing an oxygen bleach, a low temperature bleach catalyst, and a select choice of enzymes which proved to be very effective with red clay deposits.  Use 12 oz. to 1 lb. per 50# of wash capacity in a 15-minute break at 130 deg. F.  Two high level warm rinses are sufficient and finish with a four-minute sour bath.  Souring may not be necessary depending on the pH of the raw water.  This has also been very effective on uniform jerseys stained with rosin.

Good washing.

Stephen Staum
New England Regional Manager
Pariser Industries, Inc.