About Pariser

Manufacturers of Quality Specialty Cleaning Chemicals

Pariser Industries, founded in 1971 by Albert Pariser, is a third generation, diversified innovator and manufacturer of cleaning chemical specialties for the Laundry, Dry & Wet Cleaning, Food Service, Housekeeping/Janitorial, Fire Restoration, and Water Treatment Industries.

With manufacturing and Headquarter facilities based in Paterson, New Jersey, the firm is a 100% U.S. owned and operated company. Products are sold & serviced through a Direct Sales and Distributor Network in more than forty U.S. States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

The company, now run by Albert’s sons Andrew and Scott Pariser, has as its mission, the provision of fairly prices, state of the art cleaning chemical products, along with the technical field support necessary to ensure their use in an effective, safe, and economical manner. Pariser is very proud to stand out in our industry with a culture of quality, customer service, and value that we continue to build together with our employees.

Providing Solutions

Pariser Industries is particularly adept at identifying customer issues relating to procedures, results, and usage cost parameters across a wide variety of cleaning applications. Highly competent technical field personnel diagnose and solve even the most complex cleaning challenges and provide end user training. With its comprehensive product line, Pariser will recommend the best formula for your specific operation. Once customer issues are resolved, the company continues, through routine service visits, to prevent problems before they occur. Pariser’s Laundry Management Systems (LMS) is designed to provide cost savings in utilities, water, linen, and labor.

The company always views customer ‘problems’ as ‘opportunities’ to create solutions and build relationships. Pariser prides itself on selling customer satisfaction and service, not just chemicals.