Green, “SAFER CHOICE” Approved Room Care Products

saferchoice_bluegreenlogonewPariser Industries is pleased to announce that it has received the US EPA’s acknowledgment and national certification of our ECO-SENSE Green Line of products. Working closely with the EPA’s SAFER CHOICE division, Pariser has developed numerous safe and cost-effective products that offer environmentally friendly options for daily cleaning applications. These products’ ingredients have been meticulously screened for potential health and environmental effects, and pose the least concern among chemicals in their class. As partners in this Federally overseen program, Pariser has earned the right to display the SAFER CHOICE logo on the recognized products listed below.


An environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable, effective and highly concentrated, non-ammoniated Multi-Purpose cleaner.


An environmentally friendly, concentrated all purpose cleaner with excellent foaming characteristics. For use as a kitchen or all purpose cleaner, product cuts grease on floors, tiles, and metal surfaces.


An environmentally friendly, rapidly biodegradable deodorizer.


An environmentally friendly, concentrated, superior, non-abrasive tile and tub cleaner.